M.A.D. Distributions was established in January 1990 by a university graduate in Psychology to earn some extra money. Needless to say almost 25 years later my simple idea to make some extra cash blossomed into a successful and professional company.

During the last 30 years we have seen this industry change quite dramatically. The uniform for children’s camps was once an inexpensive basic t-shirt to identify the kids and staff has become a highly demanded fashion accessory.  We’ve seen corporate apparel go from a blue or white dress shirt into special technological fabrics that are offered in various styles and colors designed for both men and woman to look professional and elegant. We have also seen basic text on garments blossom into beautiful pieces of art that rivals any fashion boutique.

As our experience has evolved, so has our client base. Starting solely in Montreal we’ve expanded all over Canada from east to west coast and all the eastern United States as well.

In addition to supplying some large corporate clients we have almost exclusively devoted ourselves in specializing services for young adults and children’s organizations such as; summer camps, ski resorts, schools and universities.

During the years some important values have been added to our industry and lifestyles which now includes caring for the environment. These values are translated into working with organics or recycled materials, water based inks, and fewer chemicals in processing of the garments to make this planet cleaner and greener.

“We are a young experienced, dynamic and innovative company dedicated to providing quality products, service, and loyalty to our clients.”

Darren Boyer

Darren Boyer

Founder / CEO at M.A.D